Monday, February 13, 2012

School birthday and a check-up

Cooper and I got to go to Kendall's birthday celebration at her school this past week! Once a month, during their normal snack time, the teachers have cupcakes and birthday hats for all the kids and the class sings Happy Birthday to whoever has a birthday that month. Kendall was very excited that we were coming and Cooper had fun, too!

Ms Shiloh even let Cooper wear a birthday hat!

Such a big four year old!
We also went to see Dr. B last week for Kendall's 4 year old check-up. She weighs 44 lbs and is 43 inches tall. 4 on the 4th, 44 lbs, 43 inches. Today's post has been brought to you by the number 4. :) Both her height and weight are in the 95th percentile still. Everything else checked out great! She stood on each foot by itself for Dr. B, touched her index finger to her thumb and then her pinky to her thumb, and gave him a picture she had drawn with her name that she wrote all by herself on it.
In other news, she had to get 3 shots and it was not good. She was so sad and cried. We also have to do a hearing and vision screening at 4, and she has to have it before she can start school this fall, but she wouldn't let the nurse take her to do it. We walked her down to the room where they were going to do it, but she was very resistant. The nurse said it would be better to come back another day to do it. I'm thinking it's not going to go well that day either.
I think that is all for Kendall's fourth year book! I'm going to print this past year and then start blogging only on our other Come join us there!

Fun with Family!

We were so blessed to have all our parents in town for Kendall's birthday last weekend, along with my Granny, Val, Gracie, and Evy! It was so fun to get to spend time with everyone. We had dinner together Friday night, Kendall's party Saturday morning, went to Chick fil A for lunch, and then cooked dinner again at home Saturday night. It was a wonderful weekend!
The girls loved getting to eat on Kendall and Cooper's new princess table they got for Christmas.
I was so thankful my Granny was able to come with Dad and Lisa! She has not traveled very much since Oscar has been sick, but he moved into an Alzheimer's care facility in July and she felt like she could finally get away for a couple of days to come down. Kendall loved getting to play games and stickers with her Great Granny!

The girls loved playing with their cousins!

We don't take for granted that all our family can hang out and be together for special times like these! We know it's rare and we are so thankful!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Rainbows and Unicorns!

For Kendall's fourth birthday party, we had a Rainbow Unicorn party! When we started planning, I asked her what kind of party she wanted to have. She said princess. I said "We are not going to do a princess party for the second year in a row What about a unicorn party???" This girl is obsessed with unicorns! I had seen a few fun rainbow ideas on Pinterest, so I thought maybe we could incorporate the unicorn thing in with some fun rainbow stuff. She was super excited about it!
Granny and Papas got her a rainbow dress to wear to her party and it was so precious! We put on the invitation for everyone to wear their favorite color of the rainbow and intended to take a rainbow picture but never got everyone all together. It was a rainy weekend, so we were in the house the whole time!
We ordered lots of colorful balloons and Randy continued the birthday party tradition of putting balloons on top of the thing above the kitchen (what in the world is that called??).
Kendall's favorite snack right now is peppermint marshmallows, so we had those as "unicorn treats" along with cake and ice cream.
Instead of party hats, Randy and I made unicorn horns for the kids to wear at the party! They looked so cute in them!
I didn't get a close-up picture of it, but this is the garland that our friend Noelle made in Ft. Worth! I cut out strips of paper and put them in rainbow color order and gave them to her one time when she was in Lake Jackson for a visit. She took them home and sewed them together on her sewing machine and then mailed the strands back to us. It turned out really cute!! They were only sewn across the middle, so they kind of flipped and spun on the line - very cool! Thanks so much Noelle! We hung them all over the house!
Fruit loops for the kids to make a rainbow necklace.
The rainbow cake! More pictures of that in a minute!
Before the party, Gigi and Peeps gave the girls' their birthday present: a Barbie Jeep! They were both so excited and couldn't wait for it to stop raining so they could get out and drive it!

Emma was Kendall's first friend to arrive! They love each other so much. Emma wore the cutest rainbow outfit! Love their unicorn horns. (I was so glad they worked!)

Working on rainbow necklaces!
After they made their necklaces, and ate a few fruit loops, we played Pin the Horn on the Unicorn. :) It was fun!

Then we opened presents. She got lots of fun gifts!
Debbie and Steve gave her a unicorn necklace, some unicorn tattoos, and a puzzle with a red-headed princess riding a unicorn. Does it get any better?? :)
Randy told Kendall that she can take dance class when she is four, so she got some tights and a tu-tu to wear to her class from Connor! Love it!
Pops and Kiki got her a helmet and a bell for her new bicycle! She was excited.
And Granny and Papas got her a popcorn popper! Our friends Fonda and Tom have one and that is Kendall's favorite thing to do when we go to their house. She was so excited to get her very own!
Singing Happy Birthday! She gets so shy - the day before her party, we were talking and she said, "Mom, everyone is going to sing Happy Birthday to me?" I said, "Yes!" She said, "And you're going to stand right next to me?" I told her "of course!" I loved that even though she's getting so big she still has times when she wants me to be close!

Here's the inside of the rainbow cake! Randy and I had a lot of fun making this. We used a recipe I found on Pinterest and the cake and icing were both made from scratch. Six layers - all different colors. And I thought it tasted as good as it looked!
Cooper had fun eating cake too! She had some in her high chair,
and then she had some from Peeps!
Kendall and Pops. Love this picture! I wish I had thought to get her picture with all her grandparents. We were so thankful they were all there!
Towards the end of the party, we brought her bike out and she rode it around the house because it was still raining outside. She had fun showing her friends!
Wearing her helmet and ringing her bell all the way!
We had such a fun time celebrating Kendall's birthday! We're thankful for all our family and friends that were here to help us celebrate. It was a fun day!

Big-girl Bike!

For her birthday, Randy and I got Kendall her very first big-girl bicycle! We decided that with all the excitement of all her grandparents coming in town and her birthday party the next day that we would go ahead and give it to her on Friday morning. After she woke up, we had her sit in her room and we brought it in to her! 

It's a princess bike with streamers and a carriage on the top that holds her baby and some other things. She loves it!

 We got dressed and went right outside to ride it! She took off right away - she was great on it! She wanted to ride next door and show it to our neighbor, Frannie. Frannie was so sweet to be so excited for her and she took lots of pictures and videos!

 She looked so big sitting up there top of her new bike! Such a fun present!
Watch her go!