Monday, February 13, 2012

School birthday and a check-up

Cooper and I got to go to Kendall's birthday celebration at her school this past week! Once a month, during their normal snack time, the teachers have cupcakes and birthday hats for all the kids and the class sings Happy Birthday to whoever has a birthday that month. Kendall was very excited that we were coming and Cooper had fun, too!

Ms Shiloh even let Cooper wear a birthday hat!

Such a big four year old!
We also went to see Dr. B last week for Kendall's 4 year old check-up. She weighs 44 lbs and is 43 inches tall. 4 on the 4th, 44 lbs, 43 inches. Today's post has been brought to you by the number 4. :) Both her height and weight are in the 95th percentile still. Everything else checked out great! She stood on each foot by itself for Dr. B, touched her index finger to her thumb and then her pinky to her thumb, and gave him a picture she had drawn with her name that she wrote all by herself on it.
In other news, she had to get 3 shots and it was not good. She was so sad and cried. We also have to do a hearing and vision screening at 4, and she has to have it before she can start school this fall, but she wouldn't let the nurse take her to do it. We walked her down to the room where they were going to do it, but she was very resistant. The nurse said it would be better to come back another day to do it. I'm thinking it's not going to go well that day either.
I think that is all for Kendall's fourth year book! I'm going to print this past year and then start blogging only on our other Come join us there!

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superb kendall's birthday celebration at her school,really nice to see this Kendall Jeep celebration.